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Some History

This is our first campaign in our family’s gaming group. We started it some time ago with the brief adventure described at the end of the DMG. Those sessions were a bit rough, so after a lot of reading and preparation, we have recommenced with the H1 published scenario, Keep on the Shadowfell. We’re off to a far better start with our first session, and the party has arrived in Winterhaven after thoroughly thrashing the Kobold ambush on the road a day out from their destination.


  • Content Not Found: Nyxi – Gnome Bard
  • Berend Ironheart – Dwarf Fighter
  • Content Not Found: Pom – Eladrin Ranger
  • [[:Ib√Ľn Ironcrack | Ibun]] – Dwarf Invoker

The Plan

The campaign plan involves completing H1 and then using H2 in a much looser manner, with some vaguely planned encounters in Fallcrest. After that, we’ll be moving away from published adventures for the leap to the Paragon tier.

Home Page

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